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Business Finance Platform

A platform built specifically to allow businesses to seek finance to get them to the next stage of their business journey.

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Supporting businesses with any type of finance

A major struggle for any business is getting to the next step of their journey. In this project we worked with our client to deliver a truly beautiful and functional solution. We are pleased to see that this solution is now propelling many businesses through financial support.


"What do you need the money for?"

In creating a simple 3-part search function, we were able to offer many finance types whilst not bombarding the end user


"How much do you require?"

In order to support the end user and the loan provider, we worked hard to create loan sizes that just made sense


"Where are you?"

In a world of distant selling and online support, we wanted to ensure end users had the options of meeting their loan providers to discuss. We take the user’s location and only suggest finance options in their vicinity

6 months after launch

Businesses supported
Average loan size
Amount of funding searched
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