Using video on your website

In the world of web design, we have now reached a point where most of the web traffic hitting our sites, is actually coming from mobile devices. Chances are, you’re reading this on a mobile device. This has been driven by a spectacular increase in connectivity and a significant leap in connection speeds. 

So let’s take advantage of this! Video backgrounds are one of the most popular website design trends and they’re here to stay.

Video content instantly draws the user’s eye when visiting web pages. These are particularly useful on landing pages. A serious problem facing business online is keeping the user on your site. Bounce rates (how quickly they leave your site) are usually very high… people have small attention spans. But by using video, and more importantly relevant video, the user’s attention is automatically tuned to the video background. It’s almost impossible to ignore it as it is moving.

As a result, marketers love video backgrounds because they make websites look modern and create a sense of artistry that static background images simply can’t match up to. Many website conversion experts and regular people alike see their visitors stay on their websites longer and are likely to sign up or opt-in to their product / service offers.

So, where do we begin?

Well let’s start off by thinking about our actual offering. Let’s use our recently completed project for Escape HQ Carlingford. This great tourist business had two major offerings, escape rooms and electric bike hire. Whilst these two offerings may seem similar in the sense they are a day out and a tourist attraction, their branding is actually poles apart.

Our challenge was to bring together these two very different parts of the business and create a joint landing page. We worked very closely with our Client to find a video that we felt would allow the user to decide what part of the business they felt the design was reflecting.

For this we decided on blurred flickering lights. When accessing the site for the escape rooms, the user will view this background with a sense of macabre. A torch in the distance approaching you. When the user finds themselves on the landing page looking to hire a bike, that same flickering light can look like the headlight of a bike riding at night. This was a really exciting web design project for us and opened up a whole new way of thinking about the design of landing pages for our Clients.

If you or your business could benefit from a dynamic website or design project, feel free to get in touch.

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