Turtle & Pearl

Turtle & Pearl, a quality house plant and lifestyle accessories retailer, sought NMD’s expertise in brand and logo design to align their small business with a vibrant and modern image. They recognised the need to refresh their visual identity to resonate with a contemporary audience, making NMD the ideal partner for crafting a dynamic and appealing brand that would attract customers seeking quality products and a trendy shopping experience.


In the early months of 2022, Turtle & Pearl embarked on an exciting journey with NMD, turning their dream of a houseplants and home accessories business into a vibrant reality. With a thirst for creativity, they entrusted NMD's expertise to breathe life into their brand.

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    Brand Strategy

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    Graphic Design

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    Turtle & Pearl

01 // Logo Design

Unique vision: a logo featuring the distinctive string of pearls plant, rendered in the delicate strokes of watercolours.

Not stopping at imagery alone, they desired a font that would embody modernity and exude an unmistakable allure. The font had to be bold enough to captivate attention while remaining subtle within their distinctive green colour scheme. The result promised to be an exciting blend of artistic flair and contemporary sophistication.

02 // Brand

Consistency is key.

When Turtle & Pearl approached us, they had a clear vision in mind: consistency throughout their branding. The desire was to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity that resonated with their customers across various touchpoints. To achieve this, they aimed to ensure that their leaflets, package slips, and packaging all harmonised with their brand’s distinctive character.

03 // Requirement

Brand presence.

By maintaining a uniform design language, Turtle & Pearl aimed to reinforce their brand’s presence and make a lasting impression. We took on the task of aligning these diverse elements, crafting a unified aesthetic that would speak eloquently of Turtle & Pearl’s values and products, fostering recognition and trust with their clientele.

04 // Attention to detail

Effective Branding.

Turtle & Pearl’s choice of the Poppins font, coupled with a palette of dark and light greens and nude tones, was a deliberate and thoughtful decision to craft a brand that exuded chic and professionalism in their houseplant business. Poppins, with its modern and elegant lines, offered a timeless appeal, striking a balance between readability and a touch of sophistication. The dark and light greens, reflecting the lushness of houseplants, were a nod to their core products, while the addition of nude tones injected a sense of warmth and approachability into their brand.

05 // Let’s Collaborate

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